Another new EVS came to IYACA

20 Mart 2019
Yorumlar Another new EVS came to IYACA için yorumlar kapalı
20 Mart 2019, Yorumlar Another new EVS came to IYACA için yorumlar kapalı

Dear all,

My name is Elena and I am excited to start my EVS experience at IYACA. I am interested in education and human rights, thinking that these are important pillars of a society nowadays when everything became so interconnect. Being aware about the differences and similarities between various cultures, religions, languages or educational background can bring more mutual understanding among us.

I was born in Bucharest, lived and studied there for my entire life. I studied Political Science at National University of Political and Administrative Studies and I was also involved in many projects of Pro-Democracy Association, NGO I volunteered for since high school. I strongly believe that being an active citizen in your community is a great step in continuously contributing to the common well-being of all of us.

Encouraging and offering the required support to young people in being more involved into their communities, to better know their rights and how society and state work is one of the topics I am interested about. Being in Ankara as an EVS I will try to figure out what young people think and how they act in such matters as those previously mentioned.

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