What is the EVS?

European Voluntary Service (EVS) that the European Voluntary Service is the social project 2 and an Erasmus + program project you participated voluntarily within 12 months conducted in accredited institutions of a country that you want, especially European Union countries. Any graduation and everyone, regardless of language proficiency between 17-30 years of age may participate in this project.

Under the project: active citizenship; Youth work; Working with Children (foreign language training, help with their homework, social activities etc.); Working with disadvantaged groups (elderly nursing home, people with limited financial means, persons with special needs, etc.); Working with sports clubs (cycling, athletics, etc.), Working with the University of Erasmus + information offices; Archaeological excavation work in the area; Nature activity studies (organic farm, etc.) And animals (bird watching etc.) Are realized as operating in many different areas.

European Voluntary Service, a short (14-59 days) and long term (2-12 months) will be held in two different ways. This time period is based purely on the content of the project is located. A person can only benefit once from the European Voluntary Service , but people attended the first project the short term while a long period of time are entitled to participate in the project. However, while the total short-term long-term project that wants to participate with projects involving not more than 12 months.

European Voluntary Service of the people taking part in voluntary activities in another country, can improve their foreign language can learn a whole new language, can improve the skills of intercultural communication, to work in an ever know a new environment and can learn strategies to communicate and thus the confidence they gain when they return to the country it increases their options in the labor market.

And all this takes place at no cost to. Volunteers eat and drink, accommodation, visa, insurance and travel costs are covered within the framework specified scale of unit costs. Even juz is given a monthly pocket money. This pocket money € 85 for Turkey, although vary for each country ‘stop.
EVS ads unfortunately will not be shared from a single source. Therefore, the easiest way to reach announcement of the organizations will be accredited by the National Agency to follow up web pages and social media accounts. We share a portion of the resources to be widely known benefit to you. You can reach, especially to other groups and pages of such publications via social media.