Youth Agency

Since 2012 both the national and international arena which hosts many projects in the International Youth Activities Center Association (Iyam ACE), an important work on youth development is continuing to conduct themselves. In this context, the European Union project in which young people are offered through English conversation club and other activities are contributing to the personal development of young people. Alone in terms of progress made in these studies knowing that the individual is only a start, do the work that allows them to further develop their youth has adopted its own mission. Because Iyam think, it will be able to realize a bright and educate individuals who have completed Turkey’s personal development. In this context, Iyam think, for young people to gain universal values, to make group work, To be able to defend the right to a democratic, able to work in a multicultural environment, learning the workings of the project, and Turkey in many issues like youth to pursue studies in the world, has enabled a sharing mechanism based volunteerism. In this way, young people, confidence in future life over, that respects the people’s decision, which is included in the decision-making mechanisms, have assimilated the universal values ​​of democratic society understand the role of civil society, aims sensitive young people grow towards society.
        Now our ıyaca veteran who fell in love with you and our colleagues who participated in our project: acquainted with us, so we’re thinking about the process and youth work projects. You can read by clicking on the title.
Serdarh Guler
Senner Elven Sword
Bengi Water Alemdağ

Rümeysa Coder

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Belkız Yilmaz Dober

Abita Lightning 

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