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*The Project Coordinator; Sirvintos Sport Center – Sirvintos Open Youth Center
*The Project Hosting Organization; IYACA
*Project duration;
- 2 Months; 01 January - 29 February 2024
- 6 Months; 01 November - 30 April 2024 - CLOSED

International Youth Activities Center Association (IYACA) is a NGO and founded in 2012. It is aim to contribute to the social, cultural, artistic, sports, scientific and professional development of young people, to increase their active participation in social and economic life, to participate in decision-making mechanisms, to develop sustainable youth policies, to support lifelong learning and labor market participation processes; to strengthen mutual understanding among young people, to develop solidarity and to promote tolerance.

The project aims to increase the participation of youth through youth empowerment by promoting intercultural learning in our culture, art, sport, environment and social activities. The main objective of this project;
  • *Strengthening the cooperation and solidarity of young people in Europe
  • *Strengthening the active citizenship of young people
  • *To increase the experience nonformal and informal education of young people
  • *To gain 8 key skills of young people on Youthpass
  • *To increase the knowledge, skills and experiences of young people through voluntary activities
  • *To increase the social participation of young people
  • *To improve intercultural learning skills of young people

Volunteers will be involved in the following activities;
  • *To prepare IYACA newsletter
  • *To make youth information days at University and Schols
  • *To update webpage, blog page and Facebook page accounts
  • *To participate in every special event organized by IYACA and Youth Center
  • *To create own project and apply it
  • *To participate in street forums
  • *To organize English conversation clubs
  • *To organize intercultural activities, workshop, seminar etc..
  • *To help organising international projects
  • *Exploration, Documentation and Video workshop
  • *Writing blog post every months and publishing blogs of outgoing volunteers

You may look at our previous volunteers observations;
Our office in the city center of Ankara. Ankara is the capital of TURKEY , about Ankara you may check following links;


All participants receive Youthpass certificates. Youthpass is a part of the European Commission’s strategy to foster the recognition of non-formal learning. It is available for projects funded by Erasmus+ (2020-2027). As a tool to document and recognise learning outcomes, it puts policy into practice and practice into policy:
*While creating their Youthpass Certificate together with a support person, the participants of the projects have the possibility to describe what they have done in their project and which competences they have acquired. Thus, Youthpass supports the reflection upon the personal non-formal learning process and outcomes.
*Being a Europe-wide validation instrument for non-formal learning in the youth field, Youthpass contributes to strengthening the social recognition of youth work.
*Describing the added value of the project, Youthpass supports active European citizenship of young people and of youth workers.
*Youthpass also aims at supporting the employability of young people and of youth workers by documenting the acquisition of key competences on a certificate.


*We are looking for volunteers from Lithuania who has motivation to participate and to work with us as volunteers in the youth activities. We are looking volunteer Young people who meet and accept the following conditions can apply to the volunteering project.

  • *18-30 age range
  • * From Lithuania or who has Lithuanian TRP
  • *The high interest and desire to participate in project activities,
  • *Willing to learn new things and sharing experience,
  • *Having a team spirit,
  • *To have enough motivation for the volunteer program,
  • *To accepts all rules of Erasmus + programs,
  • *To have plans to share the benefits of the Project,
  • *To use the project as a significant impact tool,
  • *Responsible, creative, curious, open-minded,
  • *Good competences in using computer, internet, social networks,
  • *Being disadvantaged (social, cultural, economic, geographical)


Accommodation; The volunteer will stay at our flat which has 3 rooms + 1 living/resting room. There will be total 5 or 6 volunteers in the flat. The volunteer will share room(theer will be 2 volunteers in a room) The flat has fully with equipment. Living room, bathroom and kitchen are shared with other volunteers. Flat is equipped with following - hair dryer, washing machine, basic kitchen equipment, sofas, beds, wardrobes, TV, WiFi ...etc.) The volunteer can prepare their food at kitchen

Travel Expenses; We will help to volunteer for travel plan. Budget of the volunteering is set according to programme rules. If all documents are provided (invoice for flight, bus, train, tickets, boarding passes for flight) the reimbursement will be during the stay. The volunteer should buy his/her local return ticket before starting the project. Tax/ Vat and other kind of fee will not be reimbursed. We need all receipts, tickets and boarding passes (for both ways). Volunteer has to keep all of this documents when coming for project. After the project the volunteer has to send us (scanned by email and originals by post) all the tickets and boarding passes of the travel back home from Turkey. Per volunteer travel cost calculate according to distance calculater;

Pocket Money; Per volunteer, per month will be paid totally 120€ Euro. The pocket money will be paid to our volunteer as cash in EURO, per month.

Food Money; The volunteers will manage their own food. Each volunteer will be paid 70€ per month. We will give to each volunteer local transportation card, if they need they can charge money.

Insurance; We will create volunteer’s insurance from HENNER company, volunteer must validate their insurance after that they will send us Insurance document and card via email.


If you are interest to be our volunteer, you may fill application form then we will contact with you as soon as possible. When you fill in application form you will receive an automatic email with your application form. It means we got your application!!!

If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask, via email: or Whatsapp: +90 544 344 2012
See you soon in Ankara - Turkey

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