Young people who come to IYACA from different geographical areas within the scope of European Volunteer Service (EVS) share their activities, gatherings observations, the presentation of our culture and their experiences about volunteering; as well as the experiences of our volunteer friends who went to different countries in partnership with our association. In addition, you can find information on EVS program


The International Center for Youth Activities (IYACA) aims to promote activities that support the personal development of young people; founded in Kayseri in 2012 with the aim of contributing to the development of a self-confident, entrepreneurial and sensitive youth who can produce solutions to the problems around them.
To contribute to the cultural, artistic, social, sportive, professional and scientific development of young people; to actively participate in social and economic life; encourage them to be involved in decision-making mechanisms; to contribute to the development of sustainable youth policies; to increase lifelong learning and participation in the labor market; and to strengthen mutual understanding, solidarity and tolerance among young people.
The headquarters of our association is located in Kayseri and operates on national and international level. Our organization is an active member of the Youth Federation of Turkey continues to work effectively. At the same time Iyam, the Republic of Turkey and by the Ministry of the European Union “Eurodesk Focal Point” as accredited by (Ref. No: TR038-gencaktivitem is), the youth has been authorized to make the information and publicity on European opportunities and mobility.
Iyam, the European Voluntary Service (EVS) within the scope of the Republic of Turkey by the Ministry of the European Union “Host”, “From” and “Coordinator” as organizations in three areas accredited (Ref. No: 2014-1-TR01-KA110-000112) were.

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